SAW4 DVD officially announced for 2008 RELEASE

The third film in the series had a record opening for Lionsgate, grossing $34.3 million in it's first weekend. Saw III dominated that weekend, taking in more dollars than the new films by Hugh Jackman, Martin Scorsese and Clint Eastwood combined. After this big success 4th of the series has been expected by everyone.


Despite saying on his blog that he would not return to the director's chair for Saw4, director Darren Lynn Bousman has changed his mind, saying:

So here I have this gaping whole for the next 8 months before I could even begin shooting (REPO!)... I freak out if I am not constantly doing something... I was approached with Saw as an idea to fill that void... And then I read the script... I read the draft of SAW IV... This script was good... no... not good... GREAT... The next thing I knew I was all giddy like a school girl about where the film and the franchise was headed...

Lionsgate's Head of Acquisitions & Co-Productions Peter Block said recently, "Having Darren behind the camera gives 'Saw IV' a real edge, so to speak. He has led this franchise into box office history while proving himself a modern master of psychological terror."

This is not an official poster. More "fan posters" for Saw4 are at Thomas Fenton’s website. The official poster was released late July, as was a creepy still shot

Tobin Bell, who plays Jigsaw in Lionsgate's Saw franchise, wasn't joking when he said he was signed on for five sequels. According to the Box Office Mojo Lionsgate has slated Saw4 for an early 2008 release.

After also showing reluctance to continue their involvemennt, James Wan and Leigh Whannell will be back as executive producers.

  • The evil character Jigsaw will be back, despite his apparant demise in Saw III. (This never stopped sequels being made of Friday 13th and Halloween!)
  • It might help to re-watch Saw III before visiting the cinema in October, for several scenes in it directly relate to the story of the new film.
  • Screenwriters Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Melton (Feast ) wrote the story for Saw4
  • Another writer involved is Thomas Fenton who may or may not have written 2007 horror flick Red
  • Rapper Ja Rule has reportedly been cast to star in the opening scene

"The one thing great about the Saw films are they're non-linear. They don't just go from present into future, they jump all over the place. Characters that died in previous films come back in this one for scenes," said Bousman. "I don't think just because you've died in a "Saw" film means you're out of the Saw family. There's many stories left in the "Saw" thing. We set up stories in "Saw II" that played over to "Saw III." We set up stories in "Saw III" that will play over into the next one." Saw4 is available on DVD now..

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